Harvey Family and Airport History

Harvey Field (S43) has been continuously owned and operated by the Harvey Family since established in 1944.

Harvey Family:

After immigrating to the United States from England in the mid-1800's, John Harvey and his wife, Christina, established a homestead on the banks of the Snohomish where the airport is located today. Their only son, Noble, inherited the family homestead when he was about 19 years old. He later married Edith Maude-White and their only son, Eldon, was born a year later. Eldon and his wife, Marjorie, had three children; Donna, Marilyn and Richard. In April of 1967, Richard married Kandace Sorensen and they had four children; Lance, Heather, Tyson and Preston.

Airport History:

In 1944, Noble and Eldon Harvey and Wesley Loback began construction of Snohomish Airfield on the original family homestead; consisting of hangars, flight training, and an east-west runway. In 1947, the facility was improved by the addition of a restaurant, administration building, and a maintenance shop. Eldon, Marjorie and their three children ran the airfield, restaurant and flight school until the early 1970's at which time Richard and Kandace Harvey assumed management of airfield operations.

Richard passed away in 1995 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Today the airfield is owned and operated by Kandace Harvey and her four children: Lance, Heather, Tyson, and Preston. Harvey Field is home to over 350 based aircraft and many businesses.


Harvey Field (S43) is located in Snohomish, WA. Located in the heart of the Snohomish River valley, Harvey Airfield provides easy access to a variety of terrains and airspace classes.

For more information on the city of Snohomish, visit the City of Snohomish website.

Directions to Harvey Airfield

PHONE: (360) 568-1541   FAX: (360) 568-6034